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"Marketing your freelance editing business
is practical, based on the lived and learned experience of a successful editor with an extensive background as a freelancer and an in-house editor. An indispensible guide for freelance editors, whether new to the business or seeking to reinvent themselves."

                                                  ~ Pamela Hewitt, AE,
                                                       Emend Editing

"... excellent, well-written encapsulation of the workshop material, but it reads very well as a stand-alone workbook, too."

                                   ~ Amanda Curtin, PhD, AE,
                                  writer and freelance editor

"You make it seem obvious and natural that editors would want to treat their business as a real business, and that they should be paid decently for their work. I think this ebook is going to have a huge effect on the culture of editing."

                  ~ Joanne Newell of Rich Radiant Real,
                                   law of attraction life coach


Marketing Your Freelance Editing Business: A step-by-step guide for Australian editors

by RenŽe Otmar
Distinguished Editor (IPEd)

The Australian editing profession is a small one, inhabited by intelligent, highly qualified and enthusiastic book lovers. Many freelance editors are engaged in tremendously satisfying work, but often toil long hours for relatively low remuneration.

 I believe that appropriately qualified, accredited and experienced editors should be able to enjoy careers that are intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding. And I'm on a mission to change a professional culture that accepts 'genteel poverty' as the norm, through the mentoring and workshops I have presented across the country over the past decade, and now with this long-awaited ebook.

 Marketing your freelance editing business has been designed for editors by one who has been there and done that: I have worked in publishing across a wide range of sectors, both in-house and as a freelancer. I know this business of editing inside out, and I have seen first-hand how a great many people conduct their freelancing businesses. Most importantly, I understand that many editors are engaged as just that: editors, not businesspeople, and they often lack the confidence to present themselves as professionals who are also running a viable and much-needed business.

 With this ebook I want to show you how to develop both your business and your confidence in building it up. I want to inspire you to take the necessary steps towards your own success!

 Marketing your freelance editing business comprises 45 pages crammed with ideas, practical exercises and even a bit of marketing theory for those who want to take it further. In it I have encapsulated everything I usually teach Đ and more! Đ in the full-day marketing for editors workshops Đ that's a value of nearly $200! The notes and exercises are designed to hold your hand through the processes of visualising the business you would like to create, as you develop your very own marketing plan and then go about implementing it and evaluating its effectiveness.

 In addition, the template worksheets I use in the exercises are available to you free of charge when you buy the ebook.

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